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Written by Orac   
Monday, 30 March 2009 15:25


We need you

Hello and welcome to a new site dedicated to Robotics enthusiasts from across the UK.


Engineering in the UK seems to have become a quiet, almost underground movement, which struggles to bring people together to provide events and communities where they can share information and innovate.


Looking around the world, it doesn't seems to be that way elsewhere. In the US, more often than not, every large city has its own Robotics club which meet regularly, both online and at events, shows, etc.


Back in the UK Engineering is still seen as something done at School, University or in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Indeed, there are groups dedicated to Schools and Universities which are thriving and launching the Engineers of the future, however, once out of education there are precious few resources available to bring people together.


Most find themselves at one of the predominantly American retail websites which offer a home to UK members. These are very good and welcome everyone, no matter what background or skill level, but what we really need are more UK based site that are not tied to a manufacturer or shop.


There is no point griping about this unless we are willing to do something about it, so I have spent some time creating a new website and forum.


It could be that there just isn't the interest in the UK, but I hope that if everyone who passed by this page could take a few minutes to say hello and post some thoughts or information, we could generate enough interrest to start something special.


So head over to the News and Forum pages and let me know what you think. Visitors from outside the UK are welcomed with open arms and remember, this site should be seen as a work in progress and all input into format, content and direction will be appreciated. 


Have fun and ...


Welcome to the Robolution.


Last Updated on Saturday, 26 September 2009 21:50


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