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Written by Orac   
Sunday, 14 June 2009 20:50

Robotopia at the UK's National Space Centre was held this weekend and proved a big hit with the visitors.

Although numbers were down due to the unnaturally good weather, the vistors that did make it were enthralled by the range of robots waiting to greet them at the event.


Matt Dentons Hexapods

Matt Denton's Hexapods certainly grabbed attention and caused a bit of a stir, Enthralling most and sending some old ladies off in a hurry!!


 i-cub wowed the crowd performing demonstrations of its cognative research capabilities.

Sir Kitt

 Sir Kitt, the UK Robot Group mascot, was on-hand to provide some entertainment, mounting his (t)rusty steed and jumping off to dance and tell awful jokes from time-to-time.


Robots Live




Robots Live attended with a heavyweight arena, pay-per-drive robots and a robot that wandered around the exhibits, generally harassing people.


 A robot for interactive learning, Kasper, was on-hand to challenge players to co-ordination based games using a pair of Wii-motes.



Aibos from the University of Hertfordshire merrily strutted around and played maze solving games using image trackng of balls to guide a player through to the finish.


There were also Lego Mindstorms workshops, guest speakers and demonstrations throughout the day.

Mars Rover

The National Space Centre has hundreds of hands-on exhibits, Simulators and a couple of full-size rockets to marvel at and is well worth a visit.

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